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Create your own affine cipher for encoding and decoding messages. Enter your individual constant and multiplier, then input a concept to encode.

Pick one of N doorways to experimentally determine the chances of successful the grand prize at the rear of among the doors, as within the TV plan "Let's Come up with a Offer." Parameters: Quantity of doors, quantity of trials, keeping or switching between the two remaining doorways.

Converts fractions to decimals and decimals to fractions. Observe the interactions among fractions and decimals.

Choose one of three bins and select one ball from your box to have a look at conditional probabilities. Parameters: Variety of trials.

Compute the length of 1 side of an quickly produced appropriate triangle by using the Pythagorean Theorem, then Test your solutions. Pythagorean Explorer is one of the Interactivate evaluation explorers.

Discover perimeter by rectangular and straight-line arrangements of tables, calculating the number of chairs required to surround distinct arrangements. Tables and Chairs is probably the Interactivate assessment explorers.

All those wishing to get their loved a person featured over the “Tragedies” web site could submit the Image and story to

Put up awesome, amusing, interesting things you’ve observed on-line or manufactured oneself that you think that has a robust chance of going viral and being shared by Other individuals.

Select one of a few doors to experimentally identify the chances of successful the grand prize driving one of several doorways, as during the Television set application "Let us Make a Deal." Parameters: Being or switching amongst The 2 remaining doorways.

Run the traditional recreation of lifestyle, Discovering about probabilities, chaos and simulation. This activity allows the user to operate a randomly click to read more created entire world or check out numerous styles. This is a simple activity which operates straight in the Interactivate window.

Operate with many sorts of clocks as a way to find out about modular arithmetic functions. Parameters: Quantity of hours to the clock.

Find out about fractions amongst 0 and 1 by continuously deleting parts of a line segment, as well as find out about Qualities of fractal objects. Parameter: portion with the section to be deleted each time.

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Step from the generation of your Koch Snowflake -- a fractal created from deforming the sides of a triangle, and check out number styles in sequences and geometric Qualities of fractals.

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